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Carroll County Food Pantries Get Stocked Up

Every year, the Illinois Farm Bureau observes Food Check-Out Week, February 15-21, the week when most Americans will have earned enough disposable income to pay for their food for the entire year.

In recognition of this, Carroll County Farm Bureau celebrated Food Check-Out Week on Wednesday, Feb. 18. The Farm Bureau Women’s Committee hosted a shopping spree challenge between Bob Lamm (left) West Carroll Principal, Mark Hansen (center), Eastland Superintendent, and Roy Webb (rt.) Chadwick-Milledgeville Superintendent, shown with their 8 filled shopping carts. They "competed" against each other in a 90 second shopping spree at Shaw’s Food Pride in Mount Carroll.

The Women’s Committee donated the food gathered to the food bank which serves each school district. The trio's shopping spree resulted in over $2400 of groceries - 761 items - donated to the Carroll County Food Pantries.

There was only one "fatality" - a bottle of fabric softener lost its cap, spreading the slippery stuff up and down 3 aisles. Who was the "winner"? See the video below and watch them in action! (PA photo/Tom Kocal)

Video by Tom Kocal