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Reform Candidate for Governor Visits Carroll County

By Tom Kocal

Reform Candidate

Joel McFadden with Adam Andrzejewski, Republican Candidate for Governor in 2010, before the CC Republican Central Committee meeting Thursday, May 21. Andrzejewski was the guest speaker. Go to to see the exclusive video interview of the gubernatorial candidate prior to the meeting. (PA photo/Tom Kocal)

MT. CARROLL ­ Adam Andrzejewski is running for Governor of Illinois in 2010. In an interview with The Prairie Advocate prior to the Carroll County Republican Central Committee meeting on Thursday, May 21 at the Carroll County Courthouse Conference room, he tells of his reasons for running.

"I noticed an absence of leadership in Springfield, an absence of push-back against bad public policy from Springfield. Specifically to Republicans, we need fresh voices, new ideas, and new people to lead Illinois. That's why I'm running for Governor.

"There is plenty of political experience in Illinois, but what we're lacking is leadership."

Andrzejewski (pronounced "Angie-efski for those who are Polish language-challenged) says the state needs reform policies. The theme of Adam's campaign is addressed in his campaign slogan: Every Dime. Online. In Real Time.

"We don't have good numbers on state government and the programs that are funded," he stated. "Private sector businesses do, but not Springfield. Illinois. Government needs 100% financial transparency."

Adam's priorities include fully ending political corruption in a state that is notorious for corruption, balancing the state budget, creating health care solutions, and capping property taxes.

A successful entrepreneur, he sold his business interest several years ago and founded, an organization designed to empower the people of Illinois, and promoting transparency in government at every level.

"The people of Illinois need to spearhead the reform in Illinois. I don't think the political establishment can reform themselves."

Adam was born in the small, rural community of Hersher, Illinois, and is a graduate of Northern Illinois University. He resides with his wife and three girls in Hinsdale.

PA Video by Tom Kocal

"My work ethic and vision for Illinois stems from my experience in rural Illinois. We worked until the end of the task, rather than the end of the day."

When asked about his proposed fiscal policy regarding public safety issues and the unused Thomson Correctional Center, his philosophy came through loud and clear.

"It's built, taxpayers made the investment, and it sits there. There have been too many political decisions made, and not enough good management decisions. When I am governor, I'll make sure that we are maximizing the assets of our communities."

The $61 million overtime budget for the Illinois Dept. of Corrections was addressed, in particular its relation to alleged inadequate funds available to open the TCC.

"It is good policy to trim back on overtime for the other facilities and open the ones that we've built."

Adam was asked about his views on the 10th Amendment and the quiet movement in over 20 states to reassert state sovereignty in order to stop the expansion of the federal governments powers.

"I am a big believer in the 10th Amendment, federalism, and state sovereignty," Adam said. "We have a $55 billion state budget, with half of it raised by the citizens of Illinois, and the other half coming from Washington DC. That half comes with strings attached.

"Illinois is the ATM of the 50 states in terms of getting a gainful reform to Illinois of federal tax money that we send to Washington. We rank nearly last out of 50 states in getting our own federal tax money back for our own projects.

"As governor, I will spearhead the effort to get more of our federal money back to our state. But we will get it back with no strings attached, no mandates, and for strictly necessary projects."