Cover Story - Skate Park Demo Tour a Big Hit

The parking lot at Savanna's Pamida Store was the site for the American Ramp Company's (ARC) 2008 Demo Tour Monday, June 23. Both the participating kids and the organizers were amazed at the setup. A similar set up is being proposed for the City of Savanna, if funding can be obtained.

"It will be a great boost to tourism in Savanna and Carroll County," said Kurt Dreger, owner of the Surf's Up Java Hut, co-sponsor of the Demo Tour (co-sponsored by The Prairie Advocate News), and the person spearheading the funding effort for the skate park. "It can be used not only by skateboarders, but roller blades and BMX riders, too."

Dreger said that Sen. Mike Jacobs (D-36, Moline) is currently pursuing funding assistance from the State of Illinois.

"What a great turnout," said John Hunter, a representative of ARC. "We had six kids waiting before we got set up, and we set up an hour early!"

"There is a group of talented, experienced kids here today," Hunter added. "Considering the tremendous interest, it would seem to be a great investment for Savanna."

Dreger was also optimistic about the benefits to the community. "This will help to bring the camaraderie back to the kids in Savanna and West Carroll, if not Carroll County." Dreger urges citizens to write or call to lend their support to this youth-oriented project.

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