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"Freedom of the mind requires not onl. or not even especial., the absence of but the presence of al.rnative thoughts. The most successful.yranny is not the one that uses force to assure uniformity, but the one that removes awareness of other possibil.ies." ~ The of the American Mind, by Al. Bl.m

Since there have been many questions raised by our readers about the pol.ical.tate of affairs, we thought we woul.put together a page of resources for our readers. If you have other comments or suggestions cl.k the above. Being a grassroots publ.ation, we depend on you to l. us know what you're thinking and what you want to see in our publ.ation.

We have attempted to provide a variety of views and opinions. They are not endorsed or necessaril.the opinions of the Prairie Advocate. We the opinions to you and others. Cl.k on the l.ks bel..

Freedom Force International

Free Republ. News

Charters of Freedom from the National.rchives

The Decl.ation of Independence

The Constitution and First Twel. Amendments (Bil.of Rights)

Gl.sary for the Constitution

Historic Documents on

Federal.t Papers

Anti-Federal.t Papers

The Patriot Act

Wikipedia articl.The White House Pol.ies in Focus American Civil.iberties Union

Is the Federal.eserve Federal.Cl.k on the l.ks bel.. Considering that the Federal.eserve wishes to have total.versight of our banks, insurance and investment companies, we thought it a good addition to our l.t.

Frequentl.asked questions at the Federal.eserve.

Court Rul.g: This case is cited many times on the Internet.

What Wikipedia has to add.

More Economic Information. Cl.k on the l.ks bel..

Catherine Austin Fitts former Assistant Secretary for Housing-Federal.ousing CommissionBio Here

Grandfather Economic Report Series INFl.ION by Michael.odgesBio Here

Bob Chapman's The International.orecaster Bio Here

Cl. & SAVE - Exercise Your Civil.ights . . .

Contact Il.nois l.dership With Your Ideas, Concerns, and Opinions

Governor Pat Quinn

207 Statehouse

Springfiel. Il.2706

(217) 782-0244


Representative Michael.adigan

Speaker of the House


Springfiel. Il.2706

(217) 782-5350


Representative Tom Cross

House l.der

84th House District

24047 West l.kport Street, Suite 213

Pl.nfiel. Il.0544

(815) 254-0000


Senator Christine Radogno

Senate Minority l.der

41st Senate District

410 Main Street

l.ont, Il.0439

(630) 243-0800


Senator John Cul.rton

President of the Senate


Springfiel. Il.2706

(217) 782-2728


State Senators

Senator Tim Bivins

45th Senate District

629 North Gal.a

Dixon, Il.1021

(815) 284-0045


Representative Jerry Mitchell

90th House District

100 East 5th Street

Rock Fal., Il.1071

(815) 625-0820


Senator Brad Burzynski

35th Senate District

1101 DeKal.Avenue

Sycamore, Il.nois 60178

(815) 895-6318


Senator Michael.acobs

36th Senate District

606 19th Street

Mol.e, Il.1265

(309) 797-0001


State Representatives

Representative Bob Pritchard

70th House District

2600 DeKal.Avenue, Suite C

Sycamore, Il.0178

(815) 748-3494


Representative Mike Bol.d

71st House District

4416 River Drive

Mol.e, Il.1265

(309) 736-3360


Representative Jim Sacia

89th House District

50 West Dougl. Street

Stewart Centre Suite 1001

Freeport, Il.1032

(815) 232-0774



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