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New Laws Effective January 1, 2010

December 13, 2009
From the Illinois Senate Republican Press Office

The following legislation will take effect beginning Jan. 1, 2010.

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Absentee Ballots (HB 3972/PA 96-0312): Updates the language printed on all absentee ballots and absentee ballot applications to warn applicants that it must be postmarked no later than midnight of the day prior to the election if being returned by mail.

Abuse (HB 813/PA 96-0378): States that an optometrist who willfully fails to report all forms of suspected abuse or neglect may see disciplinary action. Abuse (HB 3649/PA 96-0692): Requires the Department of Public Health to investigate every allegation of abuse, and requires hospital employees to report any suspected abuse.

Abuse Notices (HB 1132/PA 96-0385): Requires that final determination notices must be sent to alleged perpetrators of child abuse via both regular and certified mail.

Abuse Services (SB 807/PA 96-0760): Requires DCFS to determine whether to conduct an investigation to prevent or rectify child abuse or neglect.

Addiction Recovery (HB 2574/PA 96-0284): Requires the Department of Corrections to have an addiction recovery facility at each prison.

Adlai Stevenson Day (HB 50/PA 96-0559): Designates February 5th every year as Adlai Stevenson Day in Illinois.

Affordability Measures (HB 4094/PA 96-0319): Requires the Board of Higher Education’s Master Plan to include higher education affordability and accessibility measures.

Aircraft Parts (SB 450/PA 96-0759): Creates a sales tax exemption for certain aircraft repair parts.

Alcohol Warnings (HB 1793/PA 96-0387): Requires retailers that sell alcoholic beverages to post a sign saying: “If you need assistance for substance abuse, please call the office of alcoholism and substance abuse at 1-.”

Alternative Dispute Resolution (HB 3691/PA 96-0302): Eliminates the Reviewing Court Alternative Dispute Resolution Fund and transfers the remaining balance to the Mandatory Arbitration Fund.

Alzheimer’s Special Care Unit (HB 810/PA 96-0770): Requires supportive living facilities that offer to provide care through an Alzheimer’s Special Care Unit to disclose to the State Agency and (instead of or) to the client or that client’s representative certain information in writing (instead of upon request by the Agency or client).

Americans with Disabilities Act (SB 133/PA 96-0650): Requires municipalities, townships, and counties to notify the public of where they can contact the Americans with Disabilities Act coordinator.

Annexation Champaign (HB 466/PA 96-0163): Identifies jurisdictional boundaries related to property subject to annexation in Champaign County as a way to address problematic situations where pre-annexation agreements have exempted the territory from county zoning ordinances.

Anti-trust (HB 2246/PA 96-0751): Allows the AG to bring a parens patriae action in anti-trust cases.

Attorney Loans (HB 574/PA 96-0768/SB 266/PA 96-615): Creates a student loan repayment assistance program for public sector attorneys.

Biodiesel (HB 4030/PA 96-0528): Requires all pure biodiesel sold in Illinois to conform to certain standards to help ensure the quality of biodiesel sold in Illinois.

Bioterrorism Preparation (HB 805/PA 96-0377): Allows the Departments of Public Health and Financial and Professional Regulation to have access to the health care professionals list to assist them in planning for bioterrorism and public health emergencies.

Blind Vendors (SB 2045/PA 96-0644): Creates the Business Enterprise Program for the Blind, and requires priority be given to blind vendors in the operation of vending facilities on State property.

Bonding (HB 437/PA 96-0561): Allows additional bonding of up to $20 million for Southwestern and Lewis & Clark Community Colleges.

Bowling Alleys (SB 1335/PA 96-0713): Requires bowling center operators who post notices in a conspicuous place near each bowling center entrance and exit regarding the dangers of wearing bowling shoes outside are immune from civil liability.

Brain Aneurysm Awareness (HB 2506/PA 96-0463): Designates September as Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month.

Bridge Construction (HB 641/PA 96-0366): Gives township road districts an additional 24 months to use state funds for bridge construction before the funds lapse and go back to the state.

Budget (HB 4098/ PA 96-0320): Requires that fiscal year appropriations include all anticipated appropriation obligations expected to be incurred during the fiscal year in order to provide a more accurate picture of anticipated expenses, allowing for better financial planning and transparency and to protect funding intended for other programs from being used to cover continuing appropriations.

Building Codes (SB 138/PA 96-0704): Provides that no person may occupy a newly constructed commercial building in a non-building code jurisdiction until it’s inspected and a certificate of inspection is filed.

Burial (SB 1462/PA 96-0098): Increases the amount a county may spend on a veteran burial from $600 to $900, and adds that veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces who served in any congressionally-sanctioned war or conflict are eligible for internment by any Illinois county upon death.

Business Authority (SB 1389/PA 96-0066): Changes terminology used by the Secretary of State when granting corporations the authority to conduct business

Campus Security (HB 336/PA 96-0356): Requires campus security plans to include communication with local governments and school districts. (HB 2507/PA 96-0594): Permits campus police to regulate and control traffic on a public way contiguous to the college or university property.

Cancer Screening (SB 270/PA 96-0325): Authorizes the Department of Public Health to implement a Colorectal Cancer Screening and Treatment Pilot Program.

Capital Litigation Trust Fund (HB 869/PA 96-0381): Increases oversight of the Capital Litigation Trust Fund in response to questionable expenses that have been paid out of the fund in recent years. The fund pays for the expenses of court-appointed attorneys representing a defendant who may receive the death penalty. (SB 1289/PA 96-0761): Establishes additional provisions to tighten the bill review process related to the Capital Litigation Trust Fund, including requiring prior notification of expenses for special services and travel.

Car Titles (SB 1586/PA 96-0330): Addresses situations where people buy vehicles with “salvage” vehicle titles over the Internet and get stuck with a vehicle they cannot legally own, repair, re-title or re-sell by allowing these individuals to contract with licensed rebuilders for the purpose of repairing the vehicle and applying for a “rebuilt” title.

Cell Phones (HB 72/PA 96-0131): Prohibits drivers from using cell phones in school or construction zones unless using a hands-free device.

Charitable Organizations (SB 1970/PA 96-0488): Changes the threshold at which charitable organizations get audited from $150,000 to $300,000.

Charter Schools (SB 612/PA 96-0105): Increases the number of charters from 60 to 120 and forces all charter schools to employ certificated teachers in 75% of its instructional positions. (SB 1984/PA 96-0104): Requires charter schools to comply with the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Act. 

Chicago Public Finance Authority (SB 235/PA 96-0705): Gives all rights and property of the Chicago School Finance Authority to the Chicago Board of Education instead of the state.

Children’s Day (HB 2593/PA 96-0465): Designates the second Sunday in June each year as a holiday to be known as “Children’s Day”.

Child Pornography (HB 2670/PA 96-0292): Allows an unlimited statute of limitations for the prosecution of child pornography that involves actual or simulated sexual act with children, and designates certain child pornography offenses as a crime of violence.

Child Protection (SB 145/PA 96-0651): Allows a parent who has a child with an order of protection to ask the clerk of the circuit court to send a certified copy of the order of protection to a day care, school, etc. so they know not to allow access to the protected child.

Child Support (SB 100/PA 96-0053): Allows a sheriff or a private process server to provide proof of notice that a person is withholding income for child support.

Cigarette Regulation (SB 451/PA 96-0782): Makes changes relating to cigarette sales, manufacturing and distribution.

Circuit Breaker (HB 366/PA 96-0804): Rewrites eligibility for the Circuit Breaker Property Tax Grant and Illinois Cares RX drug coverage to increase eligibility for the 2009 claim year and provide for future annual increases based on annual Social Security increases, simplify the application process, and seek to align the programs.

Community Integrated Living Voting (HB 567/PA 96-0563): Allows unregistered residents of a community-integrated living arrangement to vote on all officers of the CILA political subdivision, if they have been a resident for 30 days.

Composting Facilities (SB 99/PA 96-0418): Makes it easier to permit composting sites without using a pollution control facility permit.

Concealed Firearms (HB 202/PA 96-0230): Allows parole agents and parole supervisors to carry concealed and functioning firearms at all times.

Condominium Associations (SB 154/PA 96-0055): States that a condominium owner who is in arrears on assessments for 60 days or more cannot be counted for purposes of determining if a quorum is present when voting on amendments to a condo association’s bylaws.

Condominium Sale (HB 155/PA 96-0228): States that condominium associations can’t refuse a condominium’s sale to a potential buyer on the basis that the purchaser’s financing is guaranteed by the Federal Housing Authority, as opposed to a standard bank.

Consent (HB 4081/PA 96-0318): States that a disabled adult who survives a sexual assault does not need the consent of their parent, guardian or custodian to receive emergency health care services or release hospital forensic evidence to law enforcement.

Contract Disclosure (SB 47/PA 96-0794): Requires State agencies to provide the applicable rate and unit of measurement of the goods, supplies or services on the contract obligation documents that are required by the Comptroller.

Controlled Substances (HB 445/PA 96-0347): Adds N-Benzylpiperazine (BZP) to the Schedule I list of part (d) hallucinogenic controlled substances.

Convenience Accounts (SB 229/PA 96-0123): Allows banks to establish bank accounts where depositors can’t access funds but can make deposits and payments on behalf of the account holder.

Counterfeiting (SB 1631/PA 96-0631): Strengthens penalties for those possessing, selling, marketing, and transporting counterfeit goods.

County Bidding (HB 585/PA 96-0170): Provides that counties (other than Cook) are not required to seek competitive bids for services, materials, equipment, supplies, or construction costing less than $30,000 (currently $20,000).

County Permits (SB 1511/PA 96-0721): Allows county boards to require a residential dwelling permit prior to occupancy of a newly constructed residence outside corporate boundaries of municipalities.

Court Clerk Fee (SB 2024/PA 96-0735): Allows a circuit clerk to add to any delinquent unpaid fees, a delinquency fee of 5% after 30 days, 10% after 60 days, and 15% after 90 days.

Court Fines (SB 1341/PA 96-0625): Imposes an additional $10 fee on any person who receives court supervision for a Vehicle Code violation to be deposited into the Driver’s Education Fund.

Credit Cards (HB 2352/PA 96-0261): Prohibits colleges from giving personal information about students to financial institutions for the purposes of issuing credit cards. (SB 577/PA 96-0621): Mandates METRA to accept fare payment via credit card.

Credit Checks (SB 340/PA 96-0619): Requires the Department of Child and Family Services to conduct annual credit checks on children, in response to reports of child identity theft.

Criminal Code (SB 1300/PA 96-0710): Changes the criminal code as part of the CLEAR Commission’s recommendations to clean-up, clarify, realign and reform the Illinois Criminal Code.

Custody (HB 2283/PA 96-0676): Requires the court to consider the terms of a parent’s military family-care plan that was completed prior to deployment and prevents a parent’s inability to comply with a court order due to deployment from being the basis for modifying a custody order.

Dam Manuals (HB 2251/PA 96-0388): Requires DNR to annually review and update its operations manuals for the Algonquin Dam and the William G. Stratton Lock and Dam.

Day Care Robbery (HB 10/PA 96-0556): Increases the penalty for a robbery or burglary committed at a day care center.

Debt Collection (SB 2289/PA 96-0493): States that any agency’s uncollectable debt write-off must be in accordance with the requirements of the Uncollected State Claims Act.

Delinquent Minor (HB 2678/PA 96-0293): Provides that a delinquent minor may be placed in a juvenile electronic home monitoring program as an alternative to a detention facility.

Dentists AEDs (HB 921/PA 96-0748): Requires every dental office to have an emergency medical plan, and requires all dental offices that administer anesthesia or sedation to have an AED on the premises.

Disability Data (HB 47/PA 96-0558): Exempts certain law enforcement information concerning residents with mental and physical disabilities from being released under FOIA to encourage individuals with people living in their homes who have mental or physical disabilities to tell police they are there so law enforcement is aware when they respond to a call at the home.

Disability Education (HB 1035/PA 96-0191): Mandates the Illinois State Board of Education and school districts must provide education about disability history and people with disabilities.

Disabled License Plates (HB 52/PA 96-0079): Removes the requirement that veterans must be 100 percent disabled to get disabled veteran license plates.

Disabled Parking (SB 1541/PA 96-0072): Allows police to seize a disabled parking decal if the decal is being misused.

Disabled Veterans (SB 206/PA 96-0096): Creates a Task Force to determine what percentage would be an appropriate goal for the state to establish for awarding contracts to disabled veterans.

Discrimination (HB 721/PA 96-0447): Prevents discrimination against a person because of his/her order of protection status.

Distressed Condominium (HB 688/PA 96-0174): Provides procedures for addressing a distressed condominium property that is a danger, blight or nuisance to the surrounding community.

Do Not Resuscitate (SB 2256/PA 96-0765): Requires a “Do Not Resuscitate” advance directive order to be witnessed by 1 person instead of 2.

Driver’s Education (SB 2217/PA 96-0740): Recognizes and approves Department of Defense Education Activity School driver’s education courses.

Drug Courts (HB 3795/PA 96-0776): Mandates the establishment of drug courts in all counties, but allows county boards of two or more counties within the same judicial circuit to request a single drug court to serve those counties.

Drug Penalty (HB 2680/PA 96-0402): Imposes a $25 fine for deposit into the State Police Services Fund to be used for grants to a State police drug task force or MEG units.

Dry Cleaning (HB 2491/PA 96-0774): Clarifies penalties for dry-cleaning operators and people selling dry-cleaning solvents who fail to register and pay the appropriate fees and taxes, and states that any person selling dry-cleaning solvents without registering will be liable for a civil penalty for each day the person is not registered.

Dual Credit Courses (HB 1079/PA 96-0194): Requires the Illinois Community College Board and the IL Board of Higher Education to develop policies to establish different measures for granting eligibility for dual credit to students. The measures developed must ensure that a student is prepared for any coursework in which that student enrolls.

E-Verify (SB 1133/PA 96-0623): Allows employers to use the E-Verify Program and the Basic Pilot Program to help them verify the employment eligibility of new employees.

Early Voting (SB 1801/PA 96-0637): Requires any permanent early voting polling place to stay open for a total of at least 8 hours on any holiday during the early voting period and for a minimum of 14 hours on the final weekend of the early voting period.

Eavesdropping (HB 1348/PA 96-0547): Expands the consensual eavesdropping exemption for a child pornography investigation so law enforcement can quickly arrange to listen to and record the predator’s call. (SB 2026/PA 96-0643): Allows consensual video and audio eavesdropping by police during a hostage-subject situation.

Elder Self-Neglect (HB 3967/PA 96-0526): Requires the Department on Aging to implement a program for assessing elder abuse and neglect, based on the recommendations of the Elder Self-Neglect Steering Committee.

Election ID (HB 4077/PA 96-0317): Establishes that college ids and leases or contracts for a residence are acceptable forms of identification when registering to vote.

Election Signatures (HB 723/PA 96-0809): Requires candidates from an established political party who are nominated to the ballot to fill a vacancy after the primary election to gather signatures equal to the number required for established candidates for that office.

Electronic Visitation (SB 1590/PA 96-0331): Allows for a child to “visit” with their non-custodial parent by electronic means, such as the Internet, telephone, video conferencing, etc.

Energy Bonding (SB 1906/PA 96-0103): Authorizes bonds for renewable energy projects to help finance a broad array of energy projects, particularly those which are eligible for incentives under the new federal stimulus law.

Energy Costs (HB 722/PA 96-0176): Allows a municipality to adopt an ordinance allowing it to buy power on behalf of its residents by grouping the consumers together, which lowers the cost, and requires the Illinois Power Agency to help them accomplish that goal.

Energy Efficiency (SB 390/PA 96-0817): Allows the Illinois Finance Authority to authorize loans for “green” hotels that are energy efficient.

Energy Program Transfer (HB 796/PA 96-0154): Transfers the administration of the low-income energy assistance program (LIHEAP) and the weatherization assistance program from the Department of Healthcare and Family Services to the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, and allows DCEO to increase eligibility levels from 150 percent to 200 percent of the federal poverty level.

Ethics Reform (SB 54/PA 96-0555): Advances comprehensive ethics legislation, which among other things opens up the ethics investigation process by providing a three-way check between the Inspector General, the Ethics Commission and the Attorney General, making it very difficult to cover up violations; prohibits legislators, executive officers and state workers from offering contracts, legislation action, job benefits, etc. in exchange for a political contribution; adds more whistleblower protections; requires lobbyists to take ethics training; modifies the revolving door prohibition relating to people who reward contracts worth more than $25,000; includes Senate GOP bills requiring GOMB to post online Quarterly Financial Reports about the state’s fiscal condition and make public financial information sent to credit rating agencies.

“Ex-Offenders” Loan Program (HB 436/PA 96-0656): Allows DCEO to provide grants to organizations and entities that work with ex-offenders and their re-entry into society, who would then provide low-interest loans to qualified ex-offenders seeking to develop a business plan.

Expungement (SB 1030/PA 96-0707): Allows expungement of a juvenile offender’s first offense when they turn 18 years of age, if it is a misdemeanor and certain other conditions are met.

Farm Fresh Program (HB 78/PA 96-0153): Requires the creation of the Farm Fresh Schools program to promote consumption of locally grown fruits and vegetables and promote healthy living in Illinois schools.

Felon Dog Ownership (HB 934/PA 96-0185): Prohibits people who have been convicted of a felony violation for dog fighting from possessing an unsterilized or vicious dog for 10 years after conviction.

Fetal Cremation (SB 1703/PA 96-0338): Allows hospitals to offer the option of common or simultaneous cremation to parents who do not wish or cannot afford to provide an individual burial or cremation.

Firearms (HB 867/PA 96-0041): Enhances the penalty for carrying or possessing a firearm or dangerous weapon on or near public transportation, and creates an enhanced penalty for aggravated battery with a firearm committed against a school student. (HB 1032/PA 96-0190): Increases the penalty for selling or giving a firearm to a convicted felon from a Class 4 to Class 3 felony, and creates the offense of using a stolen firearm to commit a criminal act.

Fire Inspections (HB 1175/PA 96-0256): Requires a copy of the inspection of a business’ existing fire systems to be forwarded to the local fire department to ensure the department is aware of the fact the sprinkler system may not work.

Fishing Equipment (SB 1269/PA 96-0061): Establishes an educational program to discourage the use and sale of lead fishing equipment, which can be harmful to the environment.

Fishing Interference (HB 2546/PA 96-0397): Clarifies that the Hunter Interference Prohibition Act also applies to fishing activities.

Flags (HB 1332/PA 9-0513): Requires flags flown outside of all state and local government buildings to be made in the USA.

FOID Revocation (HB 3991/PA 96-0701): Makes it mandatory, not discretionary, to deny or revoke the FOID card of a person who is the subject of an order of protection.

Food Inspection (HB 926/PA 96-0749): Requires Cook County municipalities to regulate and inspect retail food establishments in the municipality.

Forfeiture (SB 1325/PA 96-0712): Consolidates offense forfeiture provisions that are currently scattered around the Criminal Code.

Foster Care (HB 4054/PA 96-0581): Establishes a program of transitional discharge from foster care for teenage foster children, enabling former foster youths who are younger than 21 who encounter significant hardship upon emancipation to reengage with the Department of Children and Family Services.

Free Tobacco (HB 604/PA 96-0446): Restricts establishments from giving out free samples of tobacco products, except in “adult-only” facilities.

Freedom of Information Act (SB 189/PA 96-0542): Strengthens the state’s FOIA allowing the AG to issue binding decisions on disputes over access to records; requires more timely response to FOIA inquiries; emails and texts can be subject FOIA; creates civil penalties for failing to release public records; makes it easier to recover legal fees if they successfully sue for access to records; and limits the fees that may be charged for copying documents.

Gold Star Hotline (SB 1493/PA 96-0541): Mandates the Court of Claims create a hotline to assist Gold Star and Fallen Heroes families with claims made under the Line of Duty Compensation Act.

Gold Star Mother’s Day (HB 3663/PA 96-0521): Designates the last Sunday in September as “Gold Star Mother’s Day,” to commemorate mothers whose children gave their lives in service to their country.

Good Conduct Credit (HB 3717/PA 96-0495): Allows a County Sheriff to revoke the county jail good conduct credits of an inmate for misconduct committed while in the custody of the Sheriff.

Governmental Purchases (SB 420/PA 96-0584): Authorizes Central Management Services to purchase personal property, supplies and services jointly with governmental entities of one or more other States.

Grace Period Voting (HB 267/PA 96-0441): Extends grace period voting to up to seven days prior to Election Day.

Green Contracting (HB 4035/PA 96-0197): Requires preference be given to state contractors who will fulfill a contract using recycled products and supplies, and requires state agencies to use recycled supplies, provided neither presents an economic or practical hardship.

Grow Your Own Teacher (HB 4117/PA 96-0414): Allows the Department of Juvenile Justice School District to receive teachers from the Grow Your Own Teacher Education Initiative Program.

Guardianship Duties (HB 2289/PA 96-0271): Moves some of the administrative duties of the Guardianship and Advocacy Commission to the Director of the Office of State Guardian to allow them to better serve their communities.

Harmful Materials to Minors (HB 2513/PA 96-0280): Expands the offense of distributing harmful material to a minor to include knowingly exhibiting or depicting harmful material to a minor.

Health Education (HB 973/PA 96-0383): Recommends that the subject of teen dating violence be included in the Comprehensive Health Education Program curriculum in grades 8-12.

Hearing Instrument Trainee (HB 2443/PA 96-0683): Allows a hearing instrument dispenser who is similarly licensed in another state and who is certified by the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences to receive an Illinois license.

Health Education (SB 1665/PA 96-0128): Includes cancer as an informational topic in health education classes and allows athletic organizations to require a testicular examination as part of a physical required for a male student’s participation in interscholastic athletics.

High Capacity Wells (SB 2184/PA 96-0222): Changes the definition of a high capacity well to include a well that is located on a parcel of property where capacity of water withdrawals of all wells on the property is in excess of 100,000 gallons during any 24-hour period.

Hoarding (HB 2388/PA 96-0572): Seeks to provide help and services for people age 60 and older who suffer from self-neglect, including compulsive hoarding, which threatens their lives or safety.

Homestead Exemptions (HB 238/PA 96-0355): Establishes that the homestead exemption for seniors is extended to those in assisted living.

Human Rights Fund (SB 1928/PA 96-0786): Requires companies wishing to do business with the state to pay a $75 fee into this fund every five years to help the Dept. of Human Rights to complete spot-checks on employers to ensure they are following human rights laws.

ID Cards (HB 446/PA 96-0146): Requires the Secretary of State to electronically print signatures on Illinois Identification Cards and Illinois Disabled Person Identification Cards.

Identity Theft (HB 490/PA 96-0167): Requires the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to develop a consumer fact sheet on identity insurance that can be given to consumers.

Industrialized Residential Structures (SB 1560/PA 96-0724): Creates an Act in an effort to stipulate that manufactured homes may not be prohibited from being placed on a landowner’s property, in order to establish that deeds for manufactured homes should be the same as for regular homes.

Information Service (SB 1922/PA 96-0599): Creates the 2-1-1 information system to provide information on where to obtain assistance from local and national social service programs.

Injury Policies (HB 2285/PA 96-0389): Requires hospitals and nursing homes to adopt policies to identify strategies for controlling risk of injuries when lifting or transferring patients.

Insurance (SB 1632/PA 96-0334): Specifies that the title insurance industry is regulated under the Title Insurance Act, not the insurance code.

Insurance Benefit Exclusions (HB 812/PA 96-0180): Clarifies that certain insurance mandates pertaining to individual and group health insurance coverage are not intended to apply to specialty or limited insurance policies, like short-term travel, disability income, long-term care, etc.

Insurance Coverage (HB 4241/PA 96-0756): Changes the age of dependent coverage for an unmarried child from 23 to 24 years old, and adds an unmarried child age 19 to 24 on a medical leave of absence from a college or university to the definition of dependent for purposes of continuing life insurance coverage.

Interim Attorney Fees (SB 65/PA 96-0583): Makes changes regarding interim attorney’s fees in divorce cases.

Internet Safety (HB 1314/PA 96-0262): Prohibits a convicted sex offender from accessing a social networking Internet Web site while on parole, mandatory supervised release, probation, conditional discharge or supervision.

Iraqi Freedom Plates (HB 853/PA 96-0747): Authorizes the Secretary of State to issue a new license plate designated as “Operation Iraqi Freedom”.

Jake Break (HB 3721/PA 96-0523): Authorizes IDOT to post signs that prohibit a truck driver from using a “jake brake,” an engine braking system which emits a loud noise.

Judicial Sale (HB 3925/PA 96-0345): Creates a new criminal offense of unlawful manipulation of a judicial sale, which is committed by knowingly making a contract with or engaging in a conspiracy with another person, who would otherwise be a competitor, for the purpose of fixing, controlling, limiting or manipulating a judicial sale.

Jurisdiction (HB 759/PA 96-0177): Provides guidelines to determine jurisdiction between states related to adult guardianship to ensure that only one state at a time will have jurisdiction in an adult guardianship case. (HB 2547/PA 96-0814): Clarifies the jurisdiction of the Department of Human Rights in cases related to schooling.

Leave of Absence (SB 337/PA 96-0346): Mandates full-time government employees must be granted leave and difference in pay for any training or duty required by the U.S. Armed Forces.

LEED Construction (SB 1601/PA 96-0630): Requires economic development project costs to include any direct or indirect costs relating to LEED certified construction elements.

Liens (HB 236/PA 96-0654): Requires that a person contracted to make improvements to an owner-occupied single-family residence give the owner written notice by certified mail within 10 days of recording a lien against any property of the owner.

Limited Liability Company (HB 1336/PA 96-0263): Amends the Limited Liability Company Act to provide that a member is held to specified standards of conduct when exercising the managerial authority vested in the manager by the Act. (SB 239/PA 96-0126): Creates low-profit limited liability corporations (L3C), which are established to pursue a charitable or educational purpose, and are not created to generate income or achieve political or legislative goals.

Line of Duty Compensation (HB 22/PA 96-0539): Provides that interest payment penalties will be added to all Line of Duty Compensation Act claims that were not paid as of August 26, 2008, in response to the large backlog of unpaid line of duty compensation claims being adjudicated through the Court of Claims.

Low Speed Bicycles (SB 236/PA 96-0125): Allows a person to operate a low-speed bicycle if they have a valid driver’s license.

Low Speed Vehicles (SB 1866/PA 96-0653: Defines a low speed vehicle as any 4-wheeled vehicle with a maximum speed greater than 20 mph but not greater than 25 mph.

Medicaid Coverage (SB 1497/PA 96-0156): Authorizes Medicaid to cover dental procedures that include diagnostic, preventative or corrective procedures, aligning Illinois with federal guidelines.

Medicaid Payment Penalty (HB 237/PA 96-0802): Establishes that Medicaid bills must be paid within 60 days of receiving the bill and increases late-payment penalties to two percent (now one percent) per month to help providers offset the costs accrued while waiting for the payment, and encourage more prompt payment of bills by the state.

Medicated Lenses (HB 2396/PA 96-0461): Allows doctors of optometry to sell, dispense, and prescribe lenses that release eye related medications.

Medical Practice (SB 318/PA 96-0618): Provides that a physician may delegate tasks and duties to appropriately licensed or unlicensed individuals, and identifies what those tasks may be.

Mental Health Court Case (HB 2280/PA 96-0570): Provides that in cases of voluntary admission to a mental health facility when there is a commitment petition before the court, the petitioner is entitled to notification of the voluntary admission and has a right to object to the dismissal of the case.

Mental Facility Admissions (SB 209/PA 96-0612): Authorizes a disabled person to voluntarily admit to a mental health facility, if they have the capacity to consent.

Mexican-American History (SB 1557/PA 96-0629): Requires the Study of Mexican-American History curriculum in every public elementary school and high school.

Military Voting (HB 1131/PA 96-0512): Allows spouses and dependents of military members to request an absentee ballot by fax machine or electronic transmission.

Misdemeanor Dismissal (HB 3681/PA 96-0694): Prohibits the court from dismissing a Vehicle Code misdemeanor (including DUI) charge or a local ordinance misdemeanor charge due to an error by the arresting officer or the clerk of the court in setting the defendant’s first appearance date.

Missing Endangered Senior (HB 282/PA 96-0442): Covers people with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia under the missing and endangered senior alert system.

Missing Persons (SB 27/PA 96-0149): Creates the Endangered Missing Person Advisory to allow for the quick distribution of information regarding a missing person who is believed to be a “high-risk missing person,” such as someone with dementia.

Modular Housing (HB 1142/PA 96-0750): Requires a yellow seal to be affixed to modular homes’ electrical panels that are sold after January 1, 2010 establishing that they are in compliance with state law.

Multiple Sclerosis (HB 244/PA 96-0139): Requires public employers to provide insurance coverage for medically necessary preventative physical therapy for patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Municipal Civil Service (HB 849/PA 96-0083): Allows members of the National Guard and Army Reserves to count time in training or service school attendance towards municipal veteran’s preference points, if they have been deployed.

Municipal Energy (SB 583/PA 96-0481): Allows municipalities to enter into agreements with property owners to finance the installation of renewable energy sources or energy efficiency improvements that are permanently fixed to the owner’s property.

Municipal Officers (HB 2410/PA 96-0277): Identifies situations in which a municipal officer may hold a position on the board of a not-for-profit corporation that has an interest in a contract with the municipality, to allow them to serve on the board without voting on matters involving the corporation.

Municipal Utilities (SB 264/PA 96-0204): Allows the board of municipal electric agencies and municipal natural gas agencies to designate appropriate meeting dates and titles for board members, employees, and agents.

National Guard Training (HB 820/PA 96-0509/SB 1955/PA 96-0733): Allows the Adjutant General to order the Illinois National Guard into active duty for non-emergency reasons, such as training with IEMA.

Non-Highway Vehicle (HB 2455/PA 96-0279): Classifies all-terrain vehicles and golf carts as non-highway vehicles, and puts them under the section of the law that regulates neighborhood vehicles.

Non-Profits (SB 1390/PA 96-0649): Changes the rules in regard to electronic messages for non-profit corporations to give them more flexibility.

North Shore Sanitary District (HB 2409/PA 96-0049): Reduces North Shore Sanitary District competitive bidding and contracting requirements to allow the District to more promptly award contracts for repairs needed to maintain compliance with the NPDES permit.

Nursing Homes (HB 748/PA 96-0448): Requires nursing homes to inform new residents within 30 days that they can name a health care surrogate and be given a chance to execute a living will/power of attorney. (SB 316/PA 96-0206): Requires DHFS to let the nursing home where a patient resides know if an individual application for medical assistance was accepted.

Obstructing Identification (SB 1655/PA 96-0335): Creates the offense of obstructing identification of an arrested person or a witness to a crime by providing false identification information to a police officer.
O’Hare Modernization (HB 3718/PA 96-0696): Establishes land that will be acquired by Chicago for the O’Hare Airport modernization, and allows a county board to have a separate committee hearing for when they permit new towers, instead of the formal county board hearings.

Opioid Antidotes (HB 497/PA 96-0361): Authorizes medical providers to prescribe opioid antidotes to patients who will administer these drugs to someone other than themselves.

Optometrists (HB 2286/PA 96-0270): Removes the requirement that optometrists apply for and post additional licenses for all additional office locations where they practice.

Organ Transplant Medication (HB 152/PA 96-0766): Provides that if a prescribing physician has indicated “may not substitute” on a prescription, a health insurance policy or health care plan that covers immunosuppressant drugs may not require a pharmacist to interchange another drug, among other things.

Ovarian/Prostate Cancer Awareness (HB 2505/PA 96-0396): Creates Ovarian and Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in September. 

Parkinson’s Awareness (HB 760/PA 96-0375): Designates each April as Parkinson’s Awareness Month.

Parole Warrants (HB 2541/PA 96-0282): Requires the supervising DOC parole officer to request a parole violation warrant for a parolee charged with domestic battery, stalking, or any offense that requires the parolee to register as a sex offender.

Peace Officers Day (HB 2644/PA 96-0518): Designates May 15 as National Peace Officers Day and the first Thursday of each year as Peace Officers Memorial Day.

Pedacycle (HB 1181/PA 96-0554): Aligns the definition of motorized pedacycle with federal law, and allows the Secretary of State to provide an expedited motor vehicle title processing service for $30.

Permanency Hearings (HB 761/PA 96-0178): Provides that if a delinquent minor is in the custody of DCFS the court must conduct permanency hearings.

Personal Property (HB 2284/PA 96-0515): Amends the Personal Property Storage Act to move regulatory jurisdiction from the Department of Agriculture to the Illinois Commerce Commission.

Pharmaceutical Disposal (SB 1919/PA 96-0221): Prohibits health care facilities from flushing unused medications.

Phone Numbers on Buses (HB 353/PA 96-0655): Requires that in addition to placing a phone number on the back of school buses, owners must also put the area code and request motorist to report erratic driving.

Public Guardian (HB 2539/PA 96-0752): Allows the Governor to appoint the same person to be a public guardian and public administrator in more than one county to address current difficulties in finding qualified guardians.

Prescriptions (HB 488/PA 96-0166): Allows Schedule II controlled substance prescriptions to be filled up to 90 days after issuance, instead of up to seven days after issuance.

Prevailing Wage (SB 223/PA 96-0058): Requires public utility companies that contract with an outside contractor on any construction project to pay prevailing wage. (HB 163/PA 96-0437): Requires a public body to give a contractor written notice on the purchasing order or on a separate document notifying them that prevailing wage must be paid. (HB 952/PA 96-0186): Adds “demolition” to the definition of public works projects in order for prevailing wage to be paid.

Prisoner Possessions (HB 610/PA 96-0365): Requires identification documents of a person sentenced to prison, which are in the possession of the Sheriff, to be forwarded to the Department of Corrections.

Property Taxes (SB 207/PA 96-0122): Establishes requirements for new information to be included on notices of property tax assessment.

Prostate Cancer (HB 1033/PA 96-0567): Expands Medicaid eligibility to include coverage to uninsured persons who have been screened and found in need of treatment for prostate or testicular cancer.

Public Labor (SB 1715/PA 96-0598): Establishes a time frame within which an initial collective bargaining agreement must be attempted before conciliation and arbitration can begin.

Public Water Pay Raise (SB 246/PA 96-0614): Authorizes pay raises for Public Water District Trustees.

Quad Cities Regional Economic Development Authority (HB 1089/PA 96-0196): Increases the total bond and note ceiling for the Quad Cities Regional Economic Development Authority (QCREDA) from $100 million to $250 million to encourage the redevelopment of a former military port in Savanna.

Racial Profiling (HB 648/PA 96-0658): Extends the sunset date on the racial profile traffic stop statistical study from July 1, 2010 to July 1, 2020.

Radon Testing (HB 4223/PA 96-0417): Makes recommendations in regards to radon testing in schools and the process of handling radon testing, whom to contact and what instructions to follow.

Railroad Crossing Cameras (SB 148/PA 96-0478): Removes the provision requiring a picture of the vehicle operators taken by cameras at Rail Road grade crossings, and changes law regarding instances in which the owner of the vehicle was not the operator of the vehicle at the time of the violation, now requiring that the ticket be issued to the vehicle owner.

Rape Trials (HB 3794/PA 96-0307): Provides that prior sexual activity or reputation is not admissible as evidence in a civil case.

Rehab Centers (HB 2279/PA 96-0812): Provides that there must be two, instead of one, authorized community-based residential rehabilitation center alternative health care models.

Rent Theft (HB 3934/PA 96-0496): Increases the penalty for theft of rent money by people impersonating a landlord, agent of a landlord or employee of the landlord.

Records (HB 3961/PA 96-0409): Rewrites the laws related to expungement and sealing of criminal history records to make them more understandable and explicit.

Registration Exemption (HB 797/PA 96-0665): Allows certain vehicles which are exempt from obtaining registration plates (in this case a mobile crane) to tow a pickup truck.

Regulation Compliance (HB 931/PA 96-0544): Brings Illinois into compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations.

Renewable Fuel (HB 338/PA 96-0140): Allows renewable fuels facilities that produce at least five million gallons annually, down from 30 million gallons, to apply for the Renewable Fuels Development Program.

Roofing Licensure (SB 1339/PA 96-0624): Takes away the grandfather exemption for roofing licensure.

RSDS Education (HB 9/PA 96-0605): Requires DPH to establish a Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome (RSDS) Education Program to promote public awareness of the syndrome and the importance of early detection, diagnosis, and treatment.

School Bus Drivers (SB 269/PA 96-0616): Raises class fees for the initial and annual refresher bus driver safety classes.

School Business Officials (SB 187/PA 96-0056): Allows individuals seeking the chief school business official endorsement to consider two years of university-approved practical experience as an alternative to a Master’s Degree and two years of administrative experience in school business management.

School Salary (HB 2235/PA 96-0266): Requires elementary and secondary school boards to issue annual reports to ISBE that include the base salary and benefits of the district superintendent, administrators and teachers employed by the school district, and requires public universities and communications to provide similar information to the IBHE as pertains to the institution’s president, administrators and faculty members.

School Interference (HB 557/PA 96-0807): Extends the current criminal offense of interference with a public institution of higher education to include elementary and secondary schools, in response to pranks and tactics resulting in lost school resources.

Secret Compartment (SB 243/PA 96-0202): Addresses constitutional issues related to secret compartments in motor vehicles, to specify that the compartment must be intended or used for certain unlawful purposes.

Sex Abuse (HB 3918/PA 96-0311): Expands the protections and options available under the Domestic Violence Act to victims of sexual abuse who must seek recourse through the civil no contact order statute.

Sex Offenders (HB 224/PA 96-0233): Lengthens the statute of limitations for prosecuting sexual relations between family members and broadens the definition of “family members”. (HB 550/PA 96-0362): Prohibits a convicted sex offender from using computer software to delete information on any computer used by the offender, while on parole, supervised release, probation, conditional discharge or supervision.

Sex Offender Evaluation (HB 4169/PA 96-0322): Eliminates the need for pre-sentence sex offender evaluation when the convicted sex offender is subject to a mandatory prison sentence, because the sentence ensures the offender will be in custody.

Sexual Harassment Training (HB 2302/PA 96-0548): Authorizes the Department of Human Rights (DHR) to charge tuition for the sexual harassment training it provides to non-governmental entities.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (SB 212/PA 96-0613): Allows health care professionals to prescribe antibiotics to the partner of a patient with a sexually transmitted disease, without requiring an office visit by that partner.

Sewage (HB 170/PA 96-0801): Assists both IDPH and the Illinois EPA in formally coordinating their respective permitting systems.

Single Gas Bill (SB 2338/PA 96-0435): Provides that “single billing” means the combined billing of the services provided by both a natural gas utility and an alternative gas supplier to any customer who has enrolled in a customer choice program.

Smoke Free Illinois (SB 1685/PA 96-0797): Exempts American Indian religious ceremonies and rituals from the Smoke Free Illinois Act.

Special Education (HB 2362/PA 96-0392): Establishes an exemption from the low-bid requirement for special education transportation contracts to prevent fly-by-night companies from artificially undercutting the competition.

Stalking (HB 693/PA 96-0246): Allows protective orders for alleged victims of stalking prior to the offender being convicted, in an attempt to deter a potential stalker. (HB 2542/PA 96-0686): Changes the stalking and cyber-stalking laws to prohibit conduct that would cause a reasonable person to fear for their safety or suffer emotional distress.

State’s Attorney Vehicle Registration (HB 4048/PA 96-0580): Provides that a state’s attorney may elect to use the address of his place of employment instead of his domicile address when registering a motor vehicle under his name.

Street Rods (SB 1958/PA 96-0487): Provides that “street rod” and “custom vehicles” will be inspected through the inspection process currently operated by the Secretary of State rather than having them inspected by National Street Rod Association certified vehicle safety inspectors.

Stroke Victims (HB 2244/PA 96-0514): Provides for the establishment of an EMS regional plan concerning the triage, treatment, and transport of possible acute stroke patients.

Student Pharmacists (HB 1293/PA 96-0673): Requires student pharmacists to be actively enrolled in an accredited college of pharmacy and registered, and under the supervision of a pharmacist, before the student may assist in the practice of pharmacy.

Student Records (SB 1508/PA 960-0628): Establishes that nothing in the School Student Records Acts can be construed to impair or limit the confidentiality of information communicated in confidence to a school.

Subpoenas (SB 1832/PA 96-0485): Allows a licensed attorney to issue subpoenas in a pending criminal action rather than through the clerk of the court.

Surplus Study (HB 4027/PA 96-0527): Requires utilization reports to be submitted by CMS by July 31 (instead of October 30), declarations of surplus real property to be made by October 31, (instead of December 31), and notification of State agencies by October 31 (instead of December 31) to better coincide with fiscal year reporting.

Telemedicine (HB 1112/PA 96-0384): Requires IDPH to develop, publish and disseminate an educational brochure to educate the public on telemedicine to help people in rural areas who are forced to travel for medical treatment.

Teamsters Plates (HB 2625/PA 96-0687): Creates the International Brotherhood of Teamsters license plates and fee that will be deposited into the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Fund.

Temp Agencies (HB 866/PA 96-0451): Restricts a day and temporary labor service agency from being located near a school or Boys and Girls club.

Texting (HB 71/PA 96-0130): Prohibits people operating a motor vehicle from using an electronic communication device, like a phone or computer, to compose, send or read an electronic message, but does not include a global positioning system, navigation system, or a device that is physically or electronically integrated into the motor vehicle.

Threats (HB 1105/PA 96-0772): Creates a disorderly conduct charge for transmitting a threat of destruction of a school building or school property, or a threat of violence, death, or bodily harm directed towards persons at a school, school function, school event, whether or not school is in session.

TIF Des Plaines (SB 591/PA 96-0209): Extends the expiration date of the Tax Increment Financing District created by Des Plaines. 

TIF Penalties (HB 4326/PA 96-0324): Strengthens the requirement that individuals and businesses must repay any TIF benefits to the municipality if their building or project is abandoned prior to completion of the redevelopment plan.

Title Companies (SB 2111/PA 96-0645): Provides that title insurance companies can not make disbursements in connection with any escrows, settlements, or closings out of a fiduciary trust account or accounts unless the funds are in the aggregate amount of $50,000 or greater received from any single party to the transaction are good funds or are collected funds.

Title Search (HB 212/PA 96-0231): Allows tax buyers to add redemption costs to cover title search and other attempts to locate all owners, interested parties, and occupants of a parcel of property.

Tourism (SB 2172/PA 96-0739): Allows DCEO to contract with a vendor in order to produce a tourism travel guide.

Towing (HB 3889/PA 96-0309): Allows a towing company that is located outside of Cook, DuPage, Kane, Will and Winnebago Counties to operate in those counties for the limited purpose of removing a disabled vehicle at the request of the owner.

Trailer Titles (HB 2750/PA 96-0519): Establishes requirements which must be met in order to get an official title for a homemade trailer, as a way to deter stolen trailers from being illegally re-registered.

Transparency Portal (HB 35/PA 96-0225): Requires CMS to establish a searchable database with access to information concerning state employees and information concerning State expenditures, State tax credits, State contracts, and revocations and suspension of occupation and use tax certificates of registration and professional licenses.

Trains (SB 1729/PA 96-0728): Authorizes the Department of Transportation to enter into public-private partnerships for the acquisition of equipment for AMTRAK.

Travel Reimbursement (HB 480/PA 96-0240): Provides that rates of mileage reimbursement for a State employee under the travel control board must be changed at the same time the rate change is made federally.

Trucking (HB 3956/PA 96-0524): Increases the speed limit to 65 mph for big trucks traveling on interstates outside Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry and Will Counties.

Truck Width (SB 1450/PA 96-0220): Allows wider trucks to operate on certain roads.  

Turkey and Deer Permits (HB 229/PA 96-0162): Requires the Department of Natural Resources to round up to the nearest half acre when considering free landowner turkey and deer permits.

Unauthorized Transmission (HB 4173/PA 96-0416): Makes it illegal to knowingly record, transmit or disseminate live video of a person in their home without their consent, if the recording or transmission is made outside the person’s residence by use of a remote audio or video recording device.

Unclaimed Property (HB 265/PA 96-0440): Provides that if unclaimed property is delivered to the Treasurer that may have been used in the commission of a crime or which may assist in a criminal investigation, the Treasurer may transfer that property to the Department of State Police or to another appropriate law enforcement agency.

Underground Utilities (SB 1357/PA 96-0714): Makes various updates to underground utilities law to reflect modern changes.

Uninsured Motorists (HB 370/PA 96-0143): Increases the penalty for individuals caught operating an uninsured motor vehicle, if that uninsured vehicle causes bodily harm to come to another person.

Unlawful Communication (HB 4066/PA 96-0497): Increases the penalty for using an unlawful communication device by prisoners and detainees at penal institutions.

Urban Development Authority (HB 264/PA 96-0234): Creates the Illinois Urban Development Authority to fund projects intended to promote development in municipalities with a high poverty rate.

Vacant Property (HB 4120/PA 96-0755): Adds another general abatement authority for property if a business first occupies a facility located on the property during the taxable year, and the facility was vacant for a period of at least 24 continuous months prior to being occupied by the business.

Vehicle (HB 4013/PA 96-0313): Allows vehicles to be seized if they have been used in the theft of a precious metal or scrap metal, as a way to deter the trend of taking copper wire and pipe from vacant buildings.

Vehicle Seizure (HB 253/PA 96-0502): Allows for the seizure and forfeiture of a motor vehicle driven while the offender’s driver’s license or privileges are suspended or revoked because of a reckless homicide.

Veterans Homes (HB 4236/PA 96-0095/SB 1837/HB 4236/PA 96-0100): Removes the requirement that veteran home residents pay the required maintenance charges first from sources of income other than pension or compensation paid by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Veterans Mental Illness (HB 2281/PA 96-0086): Allows the court prior to a sentencing hearing to order pre-sentence consultation with state or federal veterans’ affairs regarding treatment of servicemen or veterans who have been deemed mentally ill.

Veterans Wage Credit (SB 2046/PA 96-0101): Expands the Employer Tax Credit for wages paid to veterans.
Victim Impact Statement (SB 42/PA 96-0117): Allows a victim impact statement to be presented to the court in a mental health commitment hearing in the case of a person found not guilty by reason of insanity of a violent crime.

Voluntary Testimony (SB 1738/PA 96-0552): Deletes a provision that allows a deaf or hard of hearing interpreter from voluntarily testifying in an adoption or child abuse or neglect case. 

Virtual Representation (SB 188/PA 96-0479): Provides that conversion to a total return trust may be made by agreement between a trustee and all primary beneficiaries, either individually or by virtual representation or all beneficiaries currently eligible to receive income or principal from the trust and all beneficiaries who are presumptive remaindermen, either individually or by virtual representation.

Ward Sterilization (HB 2290/PA 96-0272): Requires court approval for a guardian to consent to the sterilization of a ward.

Wellness (SB 1877/PA 96-0639): Provides that a policy that provides coverage for treatment on an expense incurred basis, may offer a program for wellness coverage.

Wills (HB 151/PA 96-0137): Creates a will depository to be administered by the Secretary of State.

Wind Towers (HB 3746/PA 96-0306): States that counties and municipalities can’t require wind towers or other renewable energy systems that are used exclusively by a private property owner to be set back from the end of his or her property line by more than 1.1 times the height of the energy system.

Window Tint (HB 4327/PA 96-0530): Establishes penalties for a person who installs or repairs window tint which is illegally applied to the front windshield of a vehicle or to the front side windows.