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With less than one week from the April 9, 2013 Consolidated Elections, The Prairie Advocate News and are pleased to present this “Meet the Candidates Section. This important information is presented in the candidates’ own words. If you wish to view videos, photos and articles of Meet the Candidates forums in Lanark, Morrison and Mount Carroll, they are available on line at The Prairie Advocate asked the candidates two questions: #1 - Why are you running? and #2 - What expertise do you bring to the office you seek? This section contains the answers of the candidates who chose to respond. You still have time to register to vote. You have until Saturday, April 6. Absentee voting runs through Monday, April 8. So just do it - VOTE.

Meet the Candidates in Chadwick

Mark your calendars and stop in at Uncle Hoser’s in downtown Chadwick to Meet the Candidates running in the April 9 Consolidated Election.

The event is set for Saturday, April 6, from 10 am to 12 noon. No formal presentations, but a great chance to meet the candidates for Village President and Trustees to ask them questions, and voice your concerns - face to face.

Village of Chadwick Candidate for Village Board President, Larry E. Miller

After living most of my life in the Village of Chadwick, I am strongly committed to the Village’s future. I believe that in order for this small village to prosper, there is an unquestionable need for an enhanced form of accounting and a more prudent appropriation of taxpayers’ money. In order to so, the future budgets will require a more thorough deliberation of necessary capital expenditures. A more serious effort needs to be made when preparing the Village budget in order to keep the Village within its financial means, as well as improve its financial well-being for the future. The infrastructure of the Village is also in desperate need of repair and improved maintenance, including but not limited to the streets, alleys and sidewalks. As a long-time resident of this community, I would like to see a great sense of pride instilled in Chadwick to improve its presentation and atmosphere. All of these points of improvement within the community are a necessity to its future and long-term ability to prosper and flourish.

I believe that I bring many attributes to this position that will allow me to facilitate numerous improvements to the Village of Chadwick. I have over 20 years of previous experience on the Village Board of this community, with approximately 16 years as Village President. I also have the experience of owning and operating a small business in Chadwick. By operating a small business, I have a thorough understanding of the budgeting process and the importance of utilizing tangible goals for maintaining profitability. While still managing a business in Chadwick, I understand the importance of our local businesses on the Village. I would strive as Village President to use the businesses of Chadwick for village projects when possible. I have been an active member of the Carroll County Crime Stoppers since 1990 which has allowed me to maintain contact with County government and officials. As a member of the community, I choose to stay active in local organizations in order to stay in contact with the members of the community. I am also dedicated to providing products and services to the community as the Manager of the Miller’s Feed Branch of Eastland Feed & Grain, Inc.

City of Morrison Candidate for Alderman Ward 2, Harvey Zuidema

I am Harvey Zuidema candidate for Second Ward Alderman for the City of Morrison, IL. I was born in 1939 in the old Morrison Hospital located on Main Street. I married Karen Tichler in 1960. I have 4 adult children, Carmen Church, Todd and Dean and Myron Zuidema and have 7 grandchildren, all of whom live in the Morrison and Sterling area.

I graduated from Morrison High School in 1957, served in the United States Army, and worked for Goodenough’s Dairy in Morrison. My wife and I began farming in 1962 and still do some farming today and own land in the Morrison area. I was a seed corn representative (Sales) for 29 years. We moved to Morrison from the same farm we lived on for 36 years to our current home on Hilltop Drive in 1998.

I am a lifetime member of Ebenezer Reformed Church in Morrison and have been an usher there for 54 years. I have been a member of several boards; Whiteside Cattlemen’s Association for 20 plus years, Friends of the Park, Morrison Historical Society since 2004 and serving my third year as President of that Board of Trustees. Karen and I managed the Whiteside Cattlemen’s and Morrison Athletic Booster Fair Stand for 20 years.

I attended most of the Morrison School Board meetings from the years 2000 to 2011. You would have seen me at almost all of the Morrison City Council meetings for the last three years. I attend a number of the City’s Budget and Commission meetings over this three year time period.

My interest will be in the finances of the City Government. I will work for the concerns of the people of Ward Two and the City of Morrison. I plan to hold monthly meetings with the people of Ward Two.

ALL items need to be discussed in advance and more thoroughly considered before being acted upon. Every project needs to be explored in depth before spending a dime of taxpayers dollars.

If I didn’t have a love for Morrison and the residents, I would be at home in my easy chair and not at all these board meetings.

Candidate for Mayor of the City of Lanark, Ken Viglietta

My name is Ken Viglietta and I am a candidate for Mayor of the City of Lanark. My wife and I purchased our home in Lanark in 2008. We moved here from the Chicago suburbs. Lanark is my wife's hometown.

I attended schools in Chicago. Upon high school graduation, I attended the University of Illinois in Chicago from 1966-1970. My course of study was in the College of Business Management. In 1988 I furthered my education with Real Estate Transactions I and II. And in 1991, completed course work in State Certified Commercial and Institutional Property Management.

I am currently retired. My 45 years in the workplace, spanned five years in banking, 7 years at ADP in management, 23 years as a small business owner and 8 years in Specialty Management at The Home Depot.

In 2009 I was an after school volunteer as a mentor in reading and math at the United Methodist Church. In 2010 and 2011 I was a volunteer crossing guard for Eastland Elementary School. I am a past member of the Lanark Lions Club. I volunteer as needed at the Lanark Heritage Center.

I have served on the Lanark Zoning Board since 2010. I serve on the Lanark TIF Committee since 2012 and served on the 2012 Carroll County Hazard Mitigation Planning Committee.

My reasons for seeking the office of Mayor in the City of Lanark is that I have the time, the interest and the leadership skills to guide Lanark City government through the next four years.

My goals include, reversing a culture of explaining problems rather than solving them. I will work to make Lanark a business friendly community. I will work to improve communications between the City, our businesses, our organizations, our churches and our residents. I will work to create a truly interactive City government based on the idea that good government meets the needs of the residents. I will work hard to listen to all residents and to find solutions to their concerns.

City of Lanark Candidate for Mayor, John Huggins

There are many reasons I am running for mayor of Lanark. First of all, I grew up in Lanark, graduated from Lanark High School, and raised a family here. I want to take the next step in continuing to serve and give back to my community. I will work with local business owners to help them sustain and grow their businesses. I want to make improvements to our city park and increase recreational opportunities for all ages. I will work to ensure controlled spending and work with neighboring communities on cost-sharing measures. I want to increase the efficiency of city government and its employees. I believe our veterans and first responders deserve more recognition and we need to promote the impressive veterans memorial we have in our cemetery. I plan on working with organizations and members of the community to make it more feasible for our young people to stay or return to the area after they graduate. And finally, I wish to do my part in keeping Lanark a clean, safe, and enjoyable place to live, work, play, and raise a family.

I would bring a lot of expertise to the position. I have the experience and knowledge, of both local government and the city itself, to fulfill the duties of mayor. My experience is extensive. It includes being an alderman in Lanark from 2005 to 2009. During my time on the council, I was the driving force behind establishing the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District, I wrote a successful grant application for the Safe Routes to School Program, and I created Lanark’s website which I still maintain for free. I served on the board of directors for the Carroll County Economic Development Corporation, Blackhawk Waterways Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Carroll County Hotel/Motel Tax Board. I was an AmeriCorps VISTA Leader. I am a member of the Lanark Lions Club. I am the past president of the Lanark Chamber of Commerce for over four years. I am the chairman of the Carroll County Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies committee.

During the time I have served in these various roles, I have formed working relationships throughout the region with area community leaders, economic development professionals, as well as, state and federal agencies and legislators. I have excellent leadership skills which I am continually honing as a member of the Carroll County Leadership Roundtable. I have been to dozens of community and economic development conferences, workshops, and summits. And, I am certified as a Professional Community and Economic Developer. I am very familiar with Lanark’s rich history, having been the editor for the Lanark sesquicentennial book and DVD set. For these reasons, I believe I am the best qualified candidate for Mayor of Lanark.

City of Lanark Candidate for City Clerk, Jackie Hawbecker

I have been serving the Lanark community as City Clerk for the last 15 years and as City Treasurer the past 12 years. I have lived in and been involved in the Lanark community for almost 35 years. I have proficiently fulfilled the duties of the Lanark City Clerk as I was elected to do by the community. I have been diligent in keeping City records organized and up to date. I have efficiently submitted reports, audits, permits and served as communication liaison between the community, City Council, contractors, engineers, etc.

I love serving our community and have demonstrated that I am able to execute the functions and duties of the position at a high-level and have exemplified this over my 15 year tenure. I very much enjoy the community interaction and I will continue to perform the duties and responsibilities as required and exceed the expectations of the position as I have done for many years. I believe my track record and wide breadth of experience as a result of my tenure makes me the most qualified candidate to continue to fulfill the requirements of this position. Thank you very much for your past support and I ask that you continue that support by re-electing me as your City Clerk on April 9th.

City of Lanark Candidate for City Clerk, Carol Kruzek

You may know me from my work with the Friends of the Lanark Public Library, Twice-Sold Tales Bookstore, Lanark Chamber of Commerce and/or the Lanark United Methodist Church. Since moving to Lanark, I have embraced this city and its residents.

I feel that my 20+ years of banking and lending experience has given me a strong knowledge of residential and commercial real estate, new construction, zoning, permits, taxes and insurance along with the ability to work with large sums of money in an efficient and timely manner. For the past 13 years, I have worked as a medical administrative assistant/transcriptionist. I have developed strong customer service skills, varied computer skills and the wisdom and compassion to truly listen to people.

I take my commitment to Lanark very seriously and helping the people of this city would be my priority. I have met and respect the members of our City Council and enjoy meeting with the community whenever possible.

I strongly feel that the residents of Lanark deserve a choice and it would be my honor to become your City Clerk. Please vote for me on April 9th. Thank you.

City of Lanark Write-In Candidate for City Clerk, Mary Kosmecki

I am the Write-In Candidate for City Clerk, Mary Kosmecki. I believe that the City Clerk office is the window for the community and to the city. It is time for a change.

I am a 32 year resident of Lanark. I have an adult son, Quin, who lives in the community. I believe I would bring a lot to offer to the City Clerk office. I have 11 years of general knowledge of office management procedures, record management, filing systems, office correspondence, and technical knowledge. I have knowledge in accounting, and won’t go home until everything balances. I have worn many occupational hats. I am fair, impartial, and listen when a person speaks. I communicate in a diplomatic way. I am an honest, trustworthy, organized, and confidential person, who believes that every human should be treated with respect.

If elected, my goals as City Clerk are to be there for the residents and serve the people of Lanark. The most important duty of the City Clerk is to instill in the people a faith about their local government, and be the bridge between local government and the people. I plan to be available at the City Clerk’s office more days and have the same evening hours as the Library. I would like to be the ambassador of good will and integrity. Please write-in Mary Kosmecki for City Clerk on April 9th. Remember to fill in the dot or your vote will not count. Your support is greatly appreciated.

City of Morrison Candidate for Alderman Ward 3, Curt Bender

My name is Curt Bender and I am running for 3rd Ward Alderman, because I think I can bring a different and much needed perspective to the council.

I have been employed with Willett, Hofmann & Associates, Inc. Consulting Engineers in Dixon, IL for almost 30 years. I started my career as a survey crew rod man, a career path that I learned as an artillery surveyor in the U.S. Army, and worked my way up to a professional land surveyor. I am currently Vice President and Survey Department Manager for Willett, Hofmann, and Associates (WHA). During my career at WHA, I have worked extensively with municipalities and governmental agencies on surveying and engineering projects. I believe these experiences give me insight into the planning, design, construction, and costs of infrastructure construction projects that the city of Morrison is currently in and will be faced with in the future.

Morrison is a great town to call home and I hope with your vote, to work to move the community in a positive direction that will benefit us, as well as future generations.

City of Mount Carroll Candidate for Mayor, Carl Bates

I am running for the office of Mayor for the City of Mount Carroll; in this ever changing economic environment, we need an open-minded and caring leader; I continue to be that leader. I believe in the value and spirit of small town America. My experience in negotiating, project management, and building personal relationships within the community and state have provided a foundation on which to continue the challenge of being Mt. Carroll’s Mayor and serving its people and the town’s best interest.

I proudly held the post of Alderman Ward 1 for six years prior to being elected Mayor in 2005. I have dedicated fourteen years of public service to the citizens and city of Mount Carroll and I look forward to continuing to serve our community.

I care about Mt. Carroll; our past, present and especially its future. I feel it is important to continue to build on the foundation of the work we have been doing for the past eight years of my Mayor term. Our community is not a game of cards or any other game and it is important that we do not lose focus of the accomplishments and strides that we will continue to make.

City of Mount Carroll Candidate for Alderman Ward 1, Doug Bergren

Keep Moving Mount Carroll Forward

For 8 years, I have served as alderman for Ward 1. I am originally from Freeport, and my wife and I have lived in Mount Carroll for the past 19 years. I am a 3-tour Vietnam Veteran as a heavy equipment operator with the 92nd. Engineers. I also have a degree in Business Administration. I am currently the economic development director in East Dundee, Illinois. My work experience in public-private partnerships has proven to be an asset to Mount Carroll.

Our downtown has once again become a destination. People are coming from miles around to patronize our businesses. Various lodging facilities, specialty shops, and eating places have come into being adding to those already here. This is especially evident on Friday and Saturday nights when parking spaces are at a premium. The people who have invested in our downtown over the years have done so with their time, treasure, dreams, and ambition. If you haven’t been downtown on a weekend night, you’re missing out on some incredible entertainment, excellent food, and reaffirming friendships. It is my hope to be reelected in order to continue to support the work the city council has done to encourage growth as well as helping to maintain the businesses already here.

For more information on my background in economic development and how it is useful to Mount Carroll, please access my profile on, and enter my name. Frighteningly, there are four more “Doug Bergrens”. Choose mine, and click on “View full profile. As I think that I’m very qualified for the position, I would appreciate your vote on April 9.

City of Mount Carroll Candidate for Alderman Ward 2, Joseph C. Grim

I am running for Alderman because I care about the future of Mt. Carroll. I am a life long resident and take a great deal of pride in our community. I will be a positive voice for my neighbors in ward 2 and will keep in mind the views and values of all citizens of Mt. Carroll if I am elected. I want to keep Mt. Carroll moving forward by working together with the others elected to promote growth in the community and restore pride among the residents. I will also work to ensure that all city employees are treated fairly and with respect at all times.

I have been an active member of the community as a volunteer fire fighter since 2002. This experience has made me realize how much I love serving my community and I want to do more. I have been a member of the Mt. Carroll planning commission since 2007 where we make recommendations to the City Council regarding zoning changes, variances, and special use permits. This experience has taught me a lot and I feel that it is a natural step forward for me to move up to the City Council. I would appreciate your vote on Tuesday April 9. If you would like to contact me please email .

City of Mount Carroll Candidate for Alderman Ward 3, Mike Risko

I am running for re-election as Alderman (Ward 3) in Mount Carroll so I can continue to support our businesses and civic organizations that want to work together to keep the momentum going. I want to do my part to make Mount Carroll a great place to live.

I have a Masters degree in Business Administration and instructed Business Management and Math at two Community Colleges. I’m retired from the military and civil service with a total of 37 years of federal service. My career has been in project and financial management and I want to use my executive experience to help our community confront the challenges ahead. I want to harness and grow the impressive spirit of volunteerism in our community.

Our city employees are honest, hard working and dedicated and deserve support. Please vote on Tuesday, April 9th and support the candidates that are progressive thinkers and have positive energy.

I am one of those candidates and would appreciate your vote.

City of Savanna Candidate for Mayor, Tony McCombie

I am running for Mayor of Savanna to do one thing... CHANGE IT! I know that my experiences, motivation, and vision will only help to serve the residents of Savanna. My goals/plans during the next four years may seem unrealistic to some, but I know they are achievable.

1. Bring back a sense of community and pride through involvement and leadership. I will actively work with the city council, department heads, and employees to empower their ideas and projects. I will engage and work with the School District, the Park District, and the Chamber of Commerce to facilitate improvements. I will partner with civic organizations and neighboring communities to grow and build what we all so easily overlook... each other.

2. Clean up residential areas through demolition, rehabilitation, and enforcement of codes and ordinances. Prepare infrastructure, streets, sidewalks, and curbs appeal projects and time lines.

3. Renovate Main Street with a full streetscape that will grow current business, entice new business, and give visitors and residents a place to patronize. Main Street business offers more options, more traffic, and in turn more sales tax. This is a BIG project. A project that can only succeed with grants, loans, and civic participation.

The bottom line is that I love Savanna and its potential. I believe, that with the right leadership, Savanna can be great and prosper like it once did!

I was born in Savanna and moved throughout my childhood to return to Savanna my sophomore year. I graduated from Savanna with the class of 1990. I continued on to Western Illinois University and received my bachelor’s degree. After graduation, I moved to Peoria and returned home in the late 1990s.

After college I have worked in sales, banking, insurance, and the real estate industry. After working in corporate America, I ventured out to start my own business. I opened and operated a café (Café Blue), opened and operate a bed-and-breakfast (The Blue B&B), and actively own and operate an appraisal company (Blue Appraisals). I married Curtis Hockman from Mt Carroll in 2006. He works as a lab technician at DuPont in Thomson and we dabble in real estate investing and rental property management.

My community involvement over the years has included the Jr Women’s Club, Savanna Rotary Club, Savanna Chamber of Commerce, and City Council. I have been involved as a community member and volunteer with other civic organizations and events. Some of those include: Grand Excursion, Savanna Mapping, Team Illinois, Shadfly Days, Taste of Savanna, Flowers on Main, and Spring Clean Up.

I am currently on City Council representing Ward 2. I was appointed about a year ago when a seat became available. I previously sat on the Council representing Ward 1, however had to resign when we moved one house outside of the ward. Although some may feel it is not political, I have sat for several years on the Savanna Chamber of Commerce’s executive board and currently serve the membership as President.

City of Savanna Candidate for Mayor, Larry Stebbins

I am running for a second term as mayor because I believe that everyone should give back to their community in some way. I did not serve in the military when I was younger. Holding elected office is truly an honor and I believe fills the obligation of service to community.

My expertise that I bring to the office of mayor is experience, and common sense. In the 16 years that I have been elected I have served on every committee that presently meets and some that are no longer organized. As representative from Savanna’s third ward on the city council I worked with former Mayor Flack and Lease tackling budget problems on the finance council. We worked together to upgrade city services and equipment, and brought to fullfilment a promise of more than 20 years to upgrade and modernize our police department. Through long range planning, Savanna’s fire apparatus has steadily been upgraded.

Now, we are completing the final planning for a new waste water treatment plant that will provide service for the citizens and businesses of Savanna well into the future. I have had the benefit of working with many different councils over the years and bring their combined efforts of the past to future solutions.

City of Savanna Candidate for Ward 3 Alderman, Lisa Robinson

My name is Lisa Robinson and I am on the April 9th ballot to represent Ward 3. My husband, Pete and I were raised in the Savanna/Thomson area and have lived in Ward 3 for over 25 years. We have raised our children in Savanna and have a vested interest in the growth of our community.

I work as a Senior System Administrator for a health care company. I serve as technical lead over a team of 15 administrators. I coordinate the team’s workload/projects, work closely with clients, and play a key role in many complex projects. I am confident that my analytical, organizational, and technical skills would be a valuable contribution to the city council, city administrators, and residents of Savanna to promote growth in Savanna.

I do not buy into the belief that our country is dying, our city is dying, and that there is nothing we can do about it! I believe one person can make a difference and we have to get involved if we want to see change and be a part of that difference. In the health care industry, I get to see firsthand the differences we can make in a community and/or an individual’s lives. While I am just one person, I believe my devotion to Savanna, my technical and organizational skills will contribute to making a difference. As Ward 3 Alderman, I will put those skills to work not only for my ward but for the city as a whole. I will work toward growth and prosperity for our future. I look forward to the opportunity to serve our city and our citizens. Please vote for me, Lisa Robinson April 9th for Ward 3.

City of Savanna Candidate for Ward 4 Alderman, Gary Scott Law

I’m running for a 2-year term to serve as an alderman of Ward 4 in Savanna, and separately for a 4-year term as a Savanna Township trustee.

The state and federal governments have eaten our sustenance and passed statutes that make it difficult to build city infrastructure. Too many of our residents have become dependent on bureaucracies that benefit from this arrangement with no desire to reverse it. Thus, our household incomes and population have been on a downward spiral for about 40 years.

Our failure to improve streets, etc. have contributed to a problem of too many poorly kept properties which together discourage potential employers and residents from choosing Savanna. This situation increases the calls for police, ambulance and fire costing capital that could be spent on infrastructure. The challenges are many. I’d like to help those who work to improve Savanna so residents have greater opportunities to grow wealthier and happier.

In the early 90s, I served as an alderman and town trustee in Galesburg. I’ve learned the micro and macro of consistently reducing operating ratios and the many positive options that economy provides all entities. I’m not a lawyer. Please cast your vote for Gary Scott Law.

City of Savanna Candidate for Ward 4 Alderman, Ronda L. Riffe-Rathje

I am a firm believer that I do not have a right to complain if I am not willing to step up and do something about it. That is why I am a candidate for Alderman in Ward 4 for city council. Savanna is my home and I live in the neighborhood I grew up in. I believe that no one knows a neighborhood better than the people who live there. I am willing to listen to the people of Ward 4 and bring their issues to the council to find a resolution. The same goes for the rest of the citizens of Savanna. It breaks my heart to see how our town is dwindling. I want to BRING SAVANNA BACK!

I am civic minded, community oriented, and college educated. It is my hope to bring a fresh and open mind to the City Council. After I have heard and read all the facts, I always take a practical and common sense approach to make sound knowledgeable decisions, not one controlled or influenced by the majority. If elected, I do promise to maintain your trust, to never forget who I would work for, and whose money is being spent!

City of Savanna Candidate for Ward 4 Alderman, Bill Robinson

I have served on the Savanna City Council for the past eight years. When I started on the council I found that the infrastructure was in deplorable condition and the water and sewer systems had been patched with no major upgrades for many years. I have since methodically addressed the infrastructure needs with the future growth of the city in mind. Both of our water towers and reservoir have had major overhauls and placed on maintenance contracts at a very economical rate. We have completed two sewer lining projects with the third to be completed this summer. The only way we could afford to accomplish the necessary work was applying for and receiving three grants totaling over $1,000,000.

If anyone has any questions on projects please give me a call. I am committed to doing the job right the first time.

I served over 36 years in management at the Savanna Army Depot and the past eight years on the Savanna City Council. I am the Chairman of the Finance Committee and the Water/Sewer/Refuse/Streets/Alley Committee.

Village of Shannon Candidate for Village Trustee, Linda Stevens

I have lived in Shannon since 1989. I attended the village board meetings and found them very interesting. When a trustee resigned his position due to a job relocation, I was asked if I would be interested in finishing his term. I thought it would give me an opportunity to give back to my community so I accepted and have been serving as a village trustee for the past 10 years.

Unfortunately, Shannon faces the same challenges as do all small villages - keeping our village running smoothly with less revenue coming in from federal, state and local taxes. The Board has set up a Capital Improvement plan (CIP) and I believe this to be an important tool - allowing us to be proactive instead of reactive. A current CIP is a requirement for us to be eligible for possible federal and state funding programs; it helps us schedule necessary improvements on a timely basis without increasing tax rates or putting our village into debt with the purchase of bonds; and it preserves our credit rating which makes us an attractive location for businesses. Our new well will be on line in a couple months, which has been a big issue for a long time. We have many other necessary projects that need to be addressed and I’d like to be re-elected so I can help to get them completed.

I’d like to take this opportunity to invite residents to attend our meetings, which are the first Tuesday of every month. This lets you see for yourself exactly what happens each month and give us your input. Don’t be content to listen to what you “hear” happened at the meeting - that’s just someone else’s opinion and isn’t necessarily correct!

Village of Thomson Candidate for Village President, Jerry “Duke” Hebeler

I am the incumbent Village President of Thomson, and have served for the past 6 years. I was a Village Trustee for 8 years before being elected as President.

The reason for seeking office is to keep up on the goals I have accomplished. My goal to remodel the police dept. into the Village Hall so it would be handicapped accessible was accomplished. We started a preventive maintenance program on the sewer lines to help prevent backups. Several others have been successfully completed. We got the Thomson Correctional Center sold to the federal government, but it is still not open. First, I want to continue working on getting the prison open. Then look at side streets for drainage problems, and finally, clean up some buildings and properties to maintain and improve the appearance of the village.

I have lived in Thomson for most of my life. I am active in the community, and will continue to do so. Remember to vote April 9th, and your vote for me as your Village President will be appreciated.

Village of Thomson Write-In Candidate for Village President, Vicky Bealer Trager

I am a write-in candidate for Thomson Village President. I was originally on the ballot, uncontested for re-election as a Village Trustee. I would not have withdrawn my candidacy for that position if I did not believe that I can be a positive force for change as Village President. I know that the next four years will not be easy. Thomson is a small town with big issues. But I promise to promote Thomson, to increase accessibility by establishing regular office hours, and to welcome new ideas so that all residents can participate in helping to “Move Thomson Forward”.

I have been a Village Trustee since 2008. I Chair the Water and Sewer Committee and serve on the Finance and Police Committees. I have a BBA in accounting and am an Illinois-licensed CPA. My background in accounting and business will continue to be an important strength as Thomson faces challenging economic decisions. As Trustee I have been willing to tackle tough issues. As Village President I will work even harder to bring new opportunities for economic growth to Thomson. My name will NOT be on the ballot. Please darken the bubble and write-in Vicky Trager for Village President. Thank You!

Candidate for Freedom Township Road Commissioner, Greg Gruhn

I would like to maintain the quality of the roads that I have established over the past 8 years.

I have 8 years of experience in maintaining and improving the roads in Freedom Township. This includes preparing roads for seal-coating, grading and removal of ice and snow. We constructed a new bridge on Browning Road and have replaced many culverts in the township. This includes the approval of plans and the bidding process to qualify for state and federal matching funds. I prepare an annual budget and live within the budgeted tax dollars for the road district even during years of disaster. After numerous meetings and completion of many forms, I secured 3 payments from IEMA and FEMA for snow and flood disasters. I have worked in cooperation on projects with other townships, Carroll County and Lake Carroll to spend tax dollars wisely for all parties. A lifetime of experience with maintenance and operation of large equipment.

Candidate for Rock Cteek-Lima Township Road Commissioner, Jeff Miller

A lifetime of operating farm machinery, planning, budgeting, marketing, 3 years seasonal employment for the State of Illinois plowing snow, and maintaining roads. I am at present, a full time employee for the Carroll County Highway Department with 15 years of experience, retaining a certificate of Achievement in Emergency Management (FEMA) conducted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as well as a flagger training program.

These positions have given me experience in the following areas: clearing snow packed roads, grading and rebuilding roads, setting up roads for the county and townships, for seal coating, knowledgeable of all seal coating equipment (repair and operation). I also hold a license for Right-of-Way Spraying of weeds and the purchase of herbicides. I have assisted in surveying, bridge repairs, and replacing road tubes. I am knowledgeable and capable of maintaining equipment and keeping it in good repair.

These lifelong occupations give me the experience and know how that will help me to maintain and service the roads of Rock Creek-Lima Township. Making the roads safer for you, your children, and grandchildren is my top priority.

Your vote will be appreciated.

Candidate for Rock Cteek-Lima Township Road Commissioner, Kim Sturtevant

I want to thank John Schneider for all the years of service. One of my goals is to improve roads and signage in Rock Creek-Lima so they are up to Illinois Department of Transportation standards. I will dedicate my time to prompt and efficient snow removal and maintenance to roads and equipment. One of my top priorities is road safety, and to ensure our roads are safe I want to promote interagency cooperation to complete road projects as well as debris removal.

My experience for this position includes 12 years with the Department of Transportation as a seasonal temp and snowbird. I have also worked seven years at the Freedom Township focusing on snow removal and road maintenance. I am a lifelong Lanark resident and have served 27 years on the Lanark Fire Department as a firefighter and EMT-B.

Thank you for your vote. Please contact me at 493-2983 if you have any suggestions on how we can work together to make Rock Creek-Lima a better township to live in.

Candidate for Rock Creek-Lima Township Road Commissioner, Jeff French

I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your vote in the April 9th election to become your next Rock Creek-Lima Township Road Commissioner. During the past 16 years, I have been self-employed in the road construction industry, which has enabled me to gain experience in all phases of road repair and maintenance, dealing with the public, management, budgeting, and equipment operation and maintenance. I feel these qualities are a necessity when holding a position of this nature.

I would like to also welcome any questions regarding your concerns. Phone or email