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PART VII — No more was the Lanark Gazette settled in its new quarters at the upper rear of the Valentine building in 1880 than its editor, F.F. Livermore was commissioned to become the manager of the new “Central Telephone Company.” It certainly was the happenin’ ‘80’s what with multimedia in downtown Lanark, newspaper and telephone.

Illinois State Treasurer Rutherford Hosts “Cash Dash” in Savanna

By Michael Miller For The Prairie Advocate News

SAVANNA – Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford was at Savanna’s City Hall on August 2nd, to host a “Cash Dash.” This activity, held across the state at various locations, helps to inform residents of the program “to determine if the state might be holding any money or unclaimed property entitled to them.”

Rutherford explained the Cash Dash concept, saying that there is 1.5 billion dollars in cash, plus contents from Illinois bank safety deposit boxes that have been abandoned for five years, in the treasurer’s Unclaimed Property division. He said that banks do make an effort to locate the owner’s of these inactive boxes, but that they are required to turn these assets over to the treasurer’s office after a period of at least five years. That’s where the Cash Dash program comes in, enabling residents to access a huge computer database of over 10 million entries to find out if any properties are theirs.

Cash Dash.tif

Savanna Mayor Larry Stebbins chats with Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford just prior to the Cash Dash event on August 2nd at the Savanna City Hall.

About 80 million dollars are returned annually to owners through this program. Some other examples of unclaimed assets include money in inactive savings and checking accounts, unpaid wages or commissions, stocks, bonds and mutual funds, money orders and bill overpayments, and paid-up life insurance policies.

To determine whether or not you might have unclaimed property, you can access the state treasurer’s website at, and follow the link that says “Cash Dash.” You may also call the Unclaimed Property Division at or email them at .

State Representative for Illinois District 71 Rich Morthland attended the event, and made some brief public remarks. He said that he appreciated Rutherford coming out to Savanna to host this program, and greeted the many local officials gathered there, including Savanna Mayor Larry Stebbins, Carroll County Treasurer Diane Powers, Carroll County Sheriff Jeff Doran, and Carroll County Circuit Clerk Sheri Miller.

Both Morthland and Doran praised the Savanna Fire Department for their efforts in battling the effects of the recent flooding in the area.

Rutherford took a moment to answer questions from the audience, including one from Tom Kocal of the Prairie Advocate News, who inquired about the effect of the impending budget cuts that will result from the recently signed deficit reduction measure in Washington, Rutherford said “whatever the politics were, it happened.” He added that “cataclysmic issues” could have resulted had it not have passed and said that “as the State Treasurer of Illinois” he was glad it was passed.