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Please Don't Quote Me
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Soubrette. Ingenue. Those two words went out of fashion years ago. If being used at all in the theatrical world today it would be seldom or merely as a description of a particular role. Actresses in the modern day are rarely soubrette or ingenue!

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Record Numbers Attend Green Fair

Organizers said attendance increased by over 50% from the first year, a testament to more people "going green."

Video by Tom Kocal - Produced by Brent Simmons

Green Fair

Liz Gabbard and Jack Beucher, two exhibitors, compare notes during the 2nd Annual Green Fair held Saturday, Sept. 26 at HCC West in Elizabeth, IL. Liz, who lives in Hanover, is a sales representative for Consolidated Printing in Chicago, a "green" printing pioneer since 1973. Young Jack was there with his dad, promoting Earth Paints Collection Systems from Grayslake, IL, a convenient, environmentally-correct way to dispose of leftover latex paint.

Green Fair Wine

Pat and Chuck Wemstrom of Mt. Carroll, part of the Green Fair Alliance who organized the event, sample some of the wine offered by Kyle and Ashley Spahn of Hanover's family-owned Rocky Waters Vineyard. The Wine Tasting Festival was a new feature of the Green Fair, and featured several types of wine from RWV, Massbach Ridge Winery in Elizabeth, August Hill in Utica, IL, Galena Cellars, and Elizabeth Welcome Inn.