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Please Don't Quote Me
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What was that light ahead this time of night, 10:00? No train was due. At nine all had been well. The light seemed to grow larger. He began to trot towards it, stepping rhythmically, concentrating on the light rather than his footfall. As Manning approached the next to last span of the bridge, he stopped.

"Oh, hell," he spat. The light was a flame. With the expletive, fingers of fire leapt to a wooden side brace to writhe like a fiery snake to the roof. There'd be no chance to squelch the fire alone and overhead. He turned to run back the way he'd come. He heard a pop, a thud as a plank already had fallen to the tracks. The flames were eating towards him.

Manning commenced running again, winded when reaching the north bank of the river where he could see the covered bridge suddenly burst into blazing spectacle. In just a half hour the impressive bridge was a total loss.

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Polo Wins Football Jamboree

Football Jamboree

(right) West Carroll Thunder Travis Hartman (85) almost snags a pass between two Erie defenders in Saturday's 6th Grade Football Jamboree at Eastland High School. Erie's ground game was too much for the Thunder, who finished on the losing end 14-0. See exclusive video of the event at (PA photo/Tom Kocal)

You couldn't have had a better day for football than Saturday, October 11. The temperatures were warm, but comfortable for the Eastland Cougar 6th Grade Football Jamboree, held at Eastland High School in Lanark. The event was hosted by the Eastland Junior Tackle Football program.

Eastland Head Coach Scott Heeren said they had participated in a similar event last year, and decided to host their own this year. It's a 5-team round-robin tournament, with 20-minute games. Each team plays four games throughout the day.

The teams that participated in the Jamboree were the Chadwick-Milledgeville Streaks, Polo Marcos, Erie Panthers, West Carroll Thunder, and Eastland.

Polo finished the Jamboree undefeated at 4-0, taking first place honors. Host Eastland placed 2nd at 3-1, and Erie in third with a 2-2 record. Chadwick-Milledgeville came in 4th with a 2-2 record, but Erie scored more points, giving them the edge. West Carroll was 0-4.

Special awards went to Erie's Leanne Ballard for Outstanding Lineman, and the Most Valuable Player was Polo running back Brooks Grobe.

Videos by Tom Kocal