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CCSEC Volunteers 'Stick 'Em Up' for Alcohol Awareness Month

In its ongoing effort to increase public awareness on the dangers of underage drinking and to educate young people, their parents and liquor retailers, the Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) partnered with the Carroll County Substance Education Coalition (CCSEC) and more than one thousand volunteers in a new education program entitled Project Sticker Shock. At least 50 community organizations, schools, elected leaders and law enforcement officials were out in force Thursday, April 2 ­ Sticker Shock Day ­ posting stickers, window decals, posters, and signs designed to remind communities that providing alcohol to minors is illegal, unhealthy, and unacceptable.

"Operation Sticker Shock is a great tool to help battle underage drinking in Carroll County. The goal of the stickers is to help deter kids under 21 from thinking about trying to buy the alcohol. Even more important is the potential to stop people over 21 from purchasing alcohol for minors," said Carol Geary, Project Coordinatior SPF-SIG, University of Illinois Extension Office.

"Encouraging distributors, retailers, community leaders, young people and their parents to think about the impact of providing liquor to minors can effectively reduce the damage caused by underage drinking," Geary added. "Through this combined effort, everyone is able to recognize their role in dealing with this serious issue."


Video by Tom Kocal

"At the Pizza Party held afterwards at the U of I extension office in Mt. Carroll, several student comments were added for the "Wall of Wisdom."

"It was awesome." - Female, age 8

"I was happy to be a part of something to contribute to the bettering of the world. This meant a lot to many of us. I just hope that adults listen to all of us young people." - Female, age 16

"I hope we helped to make this situation aware to the community. It is our hope to reduce the numbers and chances of underage drinking happening." - Female, age 16

"I didn't know beer came in such large single containers!" - Volunteer Parent

"It was cool to be with everyone doing the same thing and feeling we can make a difference." - Male, age 16

"I hope my dad gets the message to drink less. I want him to be around for a long time." Male, age 14

(See the exclusive video of this event at

"Getting this message out prior to the prom and graduation season can save lives," says ILCC Executive Director Krozel, noting that National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data shows an elevated rate of alcohol-related traffic fatalities at this time of year. "With these grim facts in mind, we are asking all of our liquor licensees to post these materials during the entire month of April as a final reminder of the legal consequences of providing alcohol to minors."

Materials for Sticker Shock Day were created through the ILCC's public education armthe Don't Be Sorry programwhich is partially funded through a grant from the Illinois Department of Transportation's Division of Traffic Safety. For more information about this public awareness campaign and to order the FREE Project Sticker Shock materials, please visit