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Please Don't Quote Me
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PART III — “In the march of progress of Cherry Grove and Carroll County one main drawback at an early time was a lack of transportation. Much of the produce was hauled long distances. The farmers were anxious for a railroad. A company of supposed capitalists offered them a road if they subscribed liberally, which they did. Their notes were sold to Eastern capitalists for cash. But the road was never built although some grading was done between Savanna and Freeport. Much litigation ensued until some of the farmers settled on a 50-50 basis.

2011 Farm Bureau Tractor Ride on June 10, 2011


CCFB Tractors_Oakville Rd.tif

With the Carroll County Historical Society’s Oakville Complex in the background, the tractors rolled down Oakville Rd. past Oakville Golf Course. (PA photos & video/T. Kocal)

CCFB Tractors Papa in Chadwick.tif

“Papa” Jerry Jacobs had a welcoming committee waiting for him as the Tractor Drive made one last stop for a break at Uncle Hoser’s in Chadwick. Papa’s grandkids are MaKaylee, Courtnee, Reneya, and Emma.

CCFB Tractors_Lan-MV.tif

Those on the tractor drive enjoyed the rural beauty of Carroll County. The route can be duplicated by car, bicycle, horseback, on foot, or any other means of transportation.

CCFB Tractors_Lanark.tif

The contingent of tractor drivers had their first break, resting their weary bottoms at the Lanark City Park.

CCFB Tractors MtCarroll.tif

The tractors rumble on the brick streets of downtown Mount Carroll on their way to the Naaman Diehl Auditorium at the CCFB office for a lunch break.