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"Nearly everyone over a certain age had a grandma or great aunt, perhaps even a mother who had at least one piece of Willow Ware, a pattern familiar to everyone. It tells a sad, doomed Chinese love story which varied according to time and place. Millions of pieces of Willow Ware were made beginning in the late eighteenth century and so popular was it most households had an entire set or at least a few pieces to show off their modernity.

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  • EPC's Homecoming - 'Born to be Wild'

    Members of the Lanark Chamber of Commerce, Lanark Public Library, and the Boy Scouts served customers at the Tailgate Food Stand Thursday, Oct. 2, after the E-PC Homecoming Parade in downtown Lanark. Proceeds from the food stand and the Library's Cookie Contest will benefit the Library Vision for the Future Fund.

    Food Line at EPC Homecoming
  • Front Photo

    Cookin' up some tasty pork chops, brats and hot dogs at the Lanark Chamber of Commerce "Tailgate Food Stand" are John Huggins (left) and Don Hart, both members of the Chamber. That's not a "peace" sign that Don is flashing - he's saying "Don't just buy one . . . get two, they're so good!" The stand was part of the Hometown Days Festival to support the Eastland-Pearl City High Schools' "Born To Be Wild" Homecoming activities that included a parade through downtown Lanark on Thursday, Oct. 2. (PA photo/Tom Kocal)

    (Right) Eastland Homecoming Royalty, King Carson Walker and Queen Damaris Linker, were crowned at the public pep assembly held Thursday, October 2 in Pearl City. They reigned over the combined Eastland-Pearl City Homecoming Dance held Sat., Oct. 4. Congratulations! (Photo courtesy of Marybeth Landherr)

    Food Line at EPC Homecoming

    Jill and Dave "Fro" Shaulis get ready to chow down at the food stand. Dave was a participant in the Exchange State Bank's "Born To be Wild" entry in the Parade. That is some wild hair, to be sure. Exclusive Parade video is available at (PA photos/Tom Kocal)

    Carson and Damaris



    Videos by Tom Kocal